In my previous post ,I just explained how to configure Qmail server in rpm based machines (exactly centos 6 )



Its take two days for me to complete overall configuration without any issues, But its a two much time for business environment so i created simple single bash script for installing  full fledged Qmail server on your server within few minutes.


To download here the link



Note: try to run this script as a root user


This script provides end users particularly in RPM based machine envrionment to install Qmail server  along with following functions.


  • netqmail
  • Daemontools (manage qmail daemons)
  • Checkpassword (password-checking interface)
  • Ucspi-tcp (smtp)
  • Ucspi-ssl (smtp with SSl and TLS  support)
  • ClamAv (Antivirus)
  • Spamassassin (Mail filter)


  • Qmail-pop3d (POP3 server)
  • Dovecot (IMAP server)
  • Simscan ( Mail Scanner)
  • Squirrelmail (web-based email application)
  • Vpopmail (manages virtual user accounts)
  • Mysql (Database to store virtual user accounts)
  • Vipul’s Razor (spam-detection-and-filtering network)
  • Ripmime (attachments out of a MIME encoded email)
  • Autoresponse ( autoresponders for mailboxes)
  • Ezmim (managing electronic mailing lists)
  • QmailAdmin (web interface for managing email addresses in virtual domains)
  • Validcrptto (verify the RCPT TO argument)
  • QmailHandle (manage the qmail message queue)
  • QmQtools (Qmail queue manipulation program)
  • TinyDns (DNS server)
  • Apache (web server)
  • PHP (web development)


Note: This configuration have both SMTP and SMTPS (SSl) ,its your wish to go with anyone ( but i prefer SMTPS ).


This program also provide training requirements for new system administrators to let them install and test the new webhosting envrionment.