Video Streaming has gained lot of popularity these days and there are very few Open Source Streaming server available that can give Audio/Video Streaming. Once such streaming server is Apple based Darwin Streaming Server.

Darwin Streaming Server  is an open source project intended for developers who need to stream QuickTime and MPEG-4 media on alternative platforms such as Mac, Windows, Linux, and Solaris, or those developers who need to extend and/or modify the existing streaming server code to fit their needs.

The advantage that Darwin gives you it can stream 3gp files that is one of widely video format used that to over RTSP protocol.


Installing Darwin Streaming Server in linux:
The source code can be downloaded from Darwin Streaming Server the latest version available is 6.0.3.

#wget https://dss.macosforge.org/downloads/DarwinStreamingSrvr6.0.3-Source.tar


Now we need to untar the Source code by executing following command

#tar xf DarwinStreamingSrvr6.0.3-Source.tar


Now we need to compile and install the Darwin from source but before that we will have to patch the existing source code
files and update the existing Install file. To do that you will have to copy the dsshh-20080728-1.patch, dss-6.0.3.patch and
Install file inside the DarwinStreamingSrvr6.0.3-Source.


#wget https://download1641.mediafire.com/730178zs093g/6s9tn9xxbmv9ems/install.sh
#wget https://download1508.mediafire.com/4lxu8xmlonhg/6gb1jb49so8mbsq/dsshh-20080728-1.patch
#wget https://download1506.mediafire.com/rd1nc6426chg/7qsk1wogo0ix081/dss-6.0.3.patch.txt
Please rename the patch files by removing dsshh-20080728-1.patch.txt extension and rename to dsshh-20080728-1.patch


Execute the following command from DarwinStreamingSrvr6.0.3-Source folder,

#cd DarwinStreamingSrvr6.0.3-Source
#patch -p1 < dss-6.0.3.patch
#patch -p1 < dss-hh-20080728-1.patch



Now we need to add groups and users for Darwin Streaming Server. For that type below command from command prompt

#sudo groupadd qtss and sudo useradd qtss -g qtss

Execute ./Buildit from console to build the project, this will create server binary in DarwinStreamingSrvr6.0.3-Source
directory, along with some other binaries in some other subdirectories.




After successful build we need to Install the Darwin Streaming Server. To Install: run sudo ./Install (You must be logged in as root to install Darwin Streaming Server).

#mkdir  /var/streaming/AdminHtml

#chmod +x  install


During installation, it will ask: “Please enter a new administrator user name:” – type in some user name
It will ask “Please enter a new administrator Password:” – type in some admin password
After installation, DSS writes its binaries and files to various locations.





Starting Darwin Server:

Type following command “ /usr/local/sbin/DarwinStreamingServer”. You should have root access to execute this command.





2 processes will run – the first one runs as root, and forks the main server as qtss. While doing a ps aux | grep Darwin, the
one with the higher process id is the forked server process. If it crashes or gets killed, the other one immediately respawns

Need to start the admin panel for Darwin Streaming Server that can be started by calling following command,

#/usr/bin/perl   /usr/local/sbin/streamingadminserver.pl



Stopping Darwin Streaming Server:

#ps -aef | grep Darwin

You will see 2 server processes running. Kill both the 2 server processes.



Testing Your Darwin Streaming Server Installation:

Ensure that Darwin Streaming Server is running by calling ps -aef | grep Darwin
Goto Web Browser and type https://localhost:1220 . This is the admin interface for Darwin Streaming Server running on port

















That’s it…Facing any issues ping me up…